Snowy Solitude


This is one of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken. I had gone on a retreat in Pennsylvania, and that weekend, it snowed like none other. After it had only been snowing for a couple hours, I walked outside, held my hand up to a rail, and the snow on top was already deeper than my longest finger. We ended up losing power that day for several hours, but thankfully it came back on during dinnertime- which was actually a miracle, we were told, because many others in the area were unable to restore power as early as we did.

During a break in the retreat, my friend and I took a stroll through the Narnia-like woods, coming to rest at this pavilion beside a small lake. This was another candid shot- she only realized I was taking pictures of her until I told her to smile. I have another picture similar to this where just her torso and face are turned toward the camera. But I like this one better, She was quietly enjoying the peaceful, beautiful snowfall. When I look at this picture, I am sitting right there next to her, feeling the cold bite of the air and enjoying the serenity of winter. Her hat also adds to the sense of adventure, maybe as if she had journeyed far and long to enjoy this moment.

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