This picture was taken at a place called the Arboretum at Penn State University. Behind the Arboretum, there is a wide field with mowed paths. Along the east side of this field is a fence separating the Arboretum from neighboring buildings and other land. On this day, part of me wanted to keep wandering forever out there, exploring the beautiful rolling hills and woods. But I couldn’t, because of the fences.

The concept of fences is interesting. We use them to claim that a certain area of this planet is designated for a specific person or persons or use. But if you fly up in an airplane or up into space, you see a world without borders, without state and country lines. In other words, a world without fences.

A world without fences is full of people all going through this thing called life together. A world without fences beckons a sense of commonality, and also a call to responsibility- we must take care of this Earth we have been placed on, and we must take care of each other.

Yes, these are the words of an idealist. I understand that there are points why certain fences are necessary. But sometimes I wonder, what if we didn’t have any?

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