The Kite-Boarder


This is a picture I took with my little point-and-shoot before I got my “real” camera. This kite boarder was enjoying a particularly windy day on Lake St. Clair, which is a lake that lies between Michigan and Canada; this lake eventually leads into the Detroit River and connects to Lake Erie. It was really awesome watching this guy- if he timed it right, the winds would lift his chute up and lift him multiple feet above the water! I hope that someday, if you haven’t already, you will have the opportunity to watch someone do this or do it yourself. I personally haven’t done it yet but I would love to try.

Water is definitely enjoyed by the people of the Great Lakes State. Boating, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, kite boarding, tubing, racing- you name it, we do it. It’s wonderful to be able to drive 20 minutes to take a nice long walk along a shoreline- to me, a “real lake” is one where you can’t see the other side. The water is our constant companion, providing a chance for relaxation, time with family and friends, get exercise, and enjoy nature.

Here are a couple bonus pictures that aren’t included in the gallery that better show what I’m describing. Click to see a bigger version.


The Kite Boarder, getting some air


Here you can better see the parachute. It’s literally just a guy with a board, and a big kite. Looks like SO much fun.

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