Water Lily



How’s my new watermark? Is it effective? I’d greatly appreciate constructive criticism. It seems this is more effective in protecting my photos than my initials in a corner, but I also don’t want to detract from the picture. Thoughts?

I took this picture last weekend while I was hanging out with some friends at the Arboretum. You’ve already seen a couple other pictures I’ve taken there. It’s a great spot for photography, for meandering around with friends, and for enjoying flowers and fields.

4 thoughts on “Water Lily

  1. I’m struggling with branding/logo/watermark as well. I noticed yours, and that you asked for feedback. It solves the problem of your work not being used without your consent, but unfortunately its hard to read. So if you were reblogged, or someone did use it- the viewer might not take the time to reference who’s good work they are looking at. Hope this feedback helps. Keep up the good work!

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