This guy flew over my head and I managed to snap the shot at just the right moment. Note that this seagull is different from the other seagull picture I posted. That’s because they’re two different types: this seagull was near Lake St. Clair in Michigan, and the other was taken near Houston, Texas.

I love how birds can just coast lazily through the air for such a long time. Sometimes I envy their ability to fly wherever they want with their amazing body structure.

Fun fact of the day, we have these seagulls so much in the Metro-Detroit area that we nicknamed them “sea rats.” However, despite how annoying they can be (they tend to be everywhere and can be noisy and messy), it can be really fun to feed them. Or drive your car through them in a parking lot and make the whole flock take flight. Don’t worry, they’re fast little guys. But don’t try that with Canadian geese.

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