Landmarks of Happy Valley


So I put up two posts back-to-back because I realized I missed my mid-week post. Oops, shame on me.

Last semester I had a flight testing class which included a few flights in a small Piper over the State College area. I snapped this on a loop back to the University Park Airport. In this shot you can see three well-known Happy Valley landmarks. And yes, this much haziness is typical of weather in State College. (Actually, for this area, this picture has great visibility :P)

In the background, the mountain on the left is Mount Nittany, which is an awesome place to go hiking and get a beautiful view of the entire valley.

The large circular structure in the middle-left of the picture is Beaver Stadium, which is currently the second-largest college football stadium in the US with a capacity of approximately 107,000 people.

Immediately to the right of the stadium, with the oval white roof, you can see the Bryce Jordan Center (BJC). In addition to housing commencement ceremonies and athletic matches, the BJC is also home to the largest student career fair and the largest student philanthropic event in the country. Also, many well-known people have performed there, such as Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, and Jeff Dunham, to name a few.

Another fun side note, the Penn State campus truly is in the middle of nowhere. Occasionally, if the wind blew the right way, you would be in the stadium with all of those people and then get a whiff of cows.

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