Til Death Do We Part

This is a picture of my mom and dad at their vow renewal ceremony after thirty years of marriage. This was at the end of the reception; apparently they had decided beforehand that if their song came on, they would slow dance to it. I think some of the people had left and the room was starting to be cleaned up; I thought everything at the reception worth photographing was done, and I had a chance to socialize. But then their song came on, and I realized about a half-minute into it that they were slow dancing and rushed to grab my camera.

I love this picture because it looks very similar to pictures from their original wedding. It’s wonderful to see how my parents still look at each other after 30 years. They are not only a great example of what a successful marriage looks like, but they both also have been awesome parents. My appreciation for them has grown over the years; I have been incredibly blessed to have two godly, loving parents.

That, and I hope that one day, I will have a man look at me the way my dad looks at my mom.


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