The Unnamed Music Man


This is a picture I took as part of an assignment when I was an undergraduate student. I had to capture a complete stranger- a daunting task for an introvert such as I. As I was talking to a friend near a duck pond on the Penn State campus, I kept glancing at this man and thinking about what a good picture he would make, but I was afraid to ask him. After a little while, he got up and started to walk away, and I instinctively jumped up and approached him. I didn’t want to lose the shot! He was very chill (as you can imagine from the picture), and I managed to snap this picture with a little digital camera. Not bad for my pre-SLR days. This picture also achieved its goal: To this day, I do not know his name.

Every time I see this image, I can hear his relaxed strumming, the gentle bubbling of the water near the pond, quiet conversations and the squabble of ducks. I remember good days at Penn State, and the glory of a few precious hours of free time between hard, tedious coursework. Undergrad was difficult, but there were lots of really good days and great memories. This is one of them.

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