Resting by Waters


Took this at Clear Lake Park here in the suburbs of Houston a couple weeks ago. While many of my friends and family are currently buried under snow, I snapped this shot without a jacket on. It was a beautiful evening and the water was so serene. Pictures rarely capture the experience of beauty in real life, but this one at least gives you an idea. This image is very close to the original with the exception of touching up the sharpness and contrast. Also, for the record, I’m SO happy I got a tripod for Christmas!

I love this picture for another reason. I was in the middle of a very hectic period where I had not rested in a couple months. I finally told myself that if I took some time out to shoot the sunset, the world wouldn’t end without me. I was surprised by how good I felt afterwards, by simply taking about 45 minutes out of my day to just breathe, and take pictures. So let that be a lesson to you: Breaks and rest are a very, very good thing, and you are surrounded by nature and a world that is just begging you to step out and take a stroll, and a deep breath.


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