Silhouette by the Lake

IMG_9811.modI have no idea who these people are, but they made a great silhouette.I snapped this after I had captured the picture in my previous post, Resting by Waters. I was walking back to my car and turned back and saw these two talking. This picture had no filters and is very close to how the scene appeared to my eye. It was an absolutely beautiful, serene evening, and these two had the right idea: Sit, relax, talk, and enjoy the view for a while. I remember spotting them and thinking, I’ve got to see if I can grab this shot. But the light was fading fast and I had already put my gear away. I quickly pulled my camera out, set it on the edge of the hood of my car, and kept snapping until I got one that was relatively straight and well-exposed. The result was this picture.

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