Pink Beauty

IMG_2219_wm Wow! It’s been way too long since I’ve updated any of my blogs! I actually have been writing quite a bit, but I’ve been focusing more on my fiction novel and novelette than my blogs. Sorry to make you wait so long for updates! I have returned to the blogging world at last!

I realized I had a bunch of pictures on my laptop that I hadn’t sifted through yet, so I’ve got a bucketload of pictures that need to go up on here. I had a couple of trips to Pennsylvania, Galveston, and parks around my house here in Texas, so stay tuned for more pictures of flowers, woods, and waterfalls.

This is a picture I took while taking a set of macro filters out on a test run, at a park not far from my house in Texas. I didn’t even know these existed a few months ago. Apparently they’re a budget-friendly alternative to macro lenses (according to the internet… but it looks like macro lenses don’t cost that much either). I really liked these filters. They enable me to get much closer to the subject, and the limited range of focus provides a very interesting effect. Actually, the first time I viewed this picture, it was a minute before I realized there was an ant on the petal.

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