Hello, Dragonfly


I am posting this one not so much for its artistic ability but simply because it’s a funny story!

I was at a park with my mom. We had stopped at a bench to rest for a few minutes, and I sat with my legs crossed, and this little guy came and landed on my toes.

To be abundantly clear… this is not a shoe resting on the ground or on a table, I’m wearing it and am sitting on a bench!

And of course, me, being a photographer, wanted to get the shot… but I had my 55-250 lens on my camera, and I couldn’t get to my wider lens without moving my foot and/or scaring the dragonfly away. So I had to hold the camera way up above my head, arching my back, zoomed as wide as I can, trying to get the shot. And it looks like I got it, so I was really happy after going through all that “intense” effort! 🙂


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