Somewhere Over The…


This is my favorite shot from my trip to Bermuda last October. It was an amazing trip. I went with my best friend from college and we stayed with some extended relatives on my dad’s side. It was a truly wonderful week.

This shot was taken as we were driving along a scenic road, I believe along the south shore of the island. (I wasn’t driving) As we went along, we’d occasionally pull over into little scenic overlook spots along the side of the road. At one point I glanced behind us and saw this beautiful rainbow that had developed over the water. You could even see that it appeared to border rain. With the flora and fauna and vibrant blues of the water and sky (there were no filters on the picture, this is as it appeared to my eye), the appearance of a rainbow was better than anything I could have asked for photographically the entire week. Icing on the cake!

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