Dewdrops on Spiderweb



I was holding my breath as I was taking pictures of this cobweb, because so many times the preview on the little screen on my camera isn’t the same as when I put the picture onto my laptop screen. I’m very pleased with this result!

I took this picture at the Dallas Arboretum this past weekend. Yes, an interesting time to visit Dallas, to be sure (one road downtown was still blocked off for the crime scene) but I’d been planning to do this trip for about 6 months and decided to go for it. I bopped around downtown on Saturday and did the Arboretum on Sunday (where there were tons of people playing Pokemon Go, by the way).

I’ve used my macro filters before, but didn’t have much luck putting them on my zoom lens (55-250 mm). But after playing around with it maybe a month ago I found that the range that was in focus was way smaller than I had anticipated. I had to hold the zoom lens almost directly next to the object I was photographing, but then it gave a great effect of macro with a limited area in focus.

So I was pretty excited when I realized I could try the same technique on this spiderweb. I got a whole series of shots but this gives you the idea. The water was just sitting there, sparkling in the sunlight. I saddled right up to it and I could feel people’s questions as they went around me. For these shots, it was absolutely worth it!


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