Date of Trip: February 2014

I had a wonderful time visiting family and doing the “tourist thing” in Chicago, Illinois. The pictures below were taken in the following places:

The “Bean”: Millennium Park
Daytime Cityscapes: Willis (Sears) Tower (103 stories high)
Animals/Fish: Shedd Aquarium
Nighttime CityScapes: Hancock Observatory (94 stories high)

Willis Tower was somewhat dizzying- particularly the Sky Ledge. By the time we reached the Hancock Observatory that evening, the mere 94 stories was a breeze to handle in comparison. We particularly enjoyed the Hancock Observatory because there was hardly anyone there by the time we arrived. There was a nice cafe area where we were sat down and watch the sunset over the third largest city in the country.

My mind kept drifting to all of the people far below. I also thought about the variety of creatures we’d seen at the aquarium, and even the various items we had seen inside a large antique store a few days before, each of which had been connected to a person and had its own myriad of stories. This trip renewed my appreciation of how God, the Creator, manages all the details. Somehow He thought up all of this stuff- every person, every animal, every trinket, every piece of technology, every snowflake. Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like had all of that been left up to me. I have no idea, but I can tell you one thing for sure: It certainly would not be so grand or detailed!

Hover your mouse over a picture to see its name. Click it to see a larger version as well as the camera/settings.

**Note: This was my first time trying to get good night shots. I would appreciate tips! Thanks!

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