Black Swallowtail with Pollen

Holy cow, it is easy to blink and lots of time passes between posts! Things got crazy- I spent a week in the desert mountains of Arizona in March, so most of my time up to that point was training. Then in May I changed jobs at work, and I was originally told that change would happen in July so I had way less time to wrap everything up. That meant working more hours and being in super crunch-time, and having less bandwidth to do fun things like blog. But I’m back!

Here’s a swallowtail. I really like that we have so many around here. Have you ever stopped to look at one? Have you ever seen pollen on a butterfly’s wings or antennae?


Small Lizard


Clearly, it’s early and my creative juices for titles aren’t flowing 🙂

Spotted this little guy in a park near my house. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you can tell that I actually have a few great parks nearby which I enjoy visiting with my camera. This lizard’s body is about the length of a middle finger. I like the detail of his scales, the blue around his eye, even the pupil with its ring of brown. I sure was glad he posed for me as I was walking past with my zoom lens!

I wonder what he was thinking as he saw me walking by, and fixed me with his reptile eye?

Dewdrops on Spiderweb



I was holding my breath as I was taking pictures of this cobweb, because so many times the preview on the little screen on my camera isn’t the same as when I put the picture onto my laptop screen. I’m very pleased with this result!

I took this picture at the Dallas Arboretum this past weekend. Yes, an interesting time to visit Dallas, to be sure (one road downtown was still blocked off for the crime scene) but I’d been planning to do this trip for about 6 months and decided to go for it. I bopped around downtown on Saturday and did the Arboretum on Sunday (where there were tons of people playing Pokemon Go, by the way).

I’ve used my macro filters before, but didn’t have much luck putting them on my zoom lens (55-250 mm). But after playing around with it maybe a month ago I found that the range that was in focus was way smaller than I had anticipated. I had to hold the zoom lens almost directly next to the object I was photographing, but then it gave a great effect of macro with a limited area in focus.

So I was pretty excited when I realized I could try the same technique on this spiderweb. I got a whole series of shots but this gives you the idea. The water was just sitting there, sparkling in the sunlight. I saddled right up to it and I could feel people’s questions as they went around me. For these shots, it was absolutely worth it!

Mirror, Mirror

IMG_0176_mod2.jpgThis picture is so simple, but I really like it. There’s so much texture, and I like the symmetry of color and lines. This was at a nature center near my house in Texas, near a pond that had perfectly still water that day. I liked the way the green grass stood against the gray trees, and thought the reflection would make for a nice shot. Amazing how much beauty there can be in something as simple as a row of grass.

White & Purple


I realized that I’ve had a trend in my posts lately… how such small things can hold so much beauty. I spotted these in a park near my house, such small and delicate flowers. Guess you never know what beauty you may be walking past in your own backyard! Shot this with a macro filter.

New and Old


Still enjoying learning how to use my first prime lens, the “Nifty Fifty.” I was walking through some nature trails a few weeks ago and spotted this. I was intrigued by how the dead leaf was being suspended by the newer ones which were still attached to the plant. I never would have stopped to notice the crisp details on the leaf had it not been dead and had it not been stopped from reaching the ground. Makes me wonder what analogies lie there for life… can you think of any?

By Any Other Name


This is a lovely rehash of my point-and-shoot camera days. Got this in my backyard back home. This is the full picture of the image I use for my gravatar.

I like this picture because it reminds me of home. Home home. I “state-hop” a lot, meaning I’ve been alternating between three states fairly constantly over the past few years. But when I see this picture, I don’t just see a pretty flower. I see something grown by the loving hands of my mother. I see a green background of a yard that I grew up playing in. This rose was planted and grew at my house… just like me. When I look at this picture, for just a few sweet moments, I’m back home, safe and sound, resting and relaxing.