Pennsylvania Waterfall

IMG_5372_wm.JPGNice quiet spot to escape. Do you wish you were sitting on a rock here, with a camera, or a book? Just sitting in the shade of the tall trees, listening to the gentle breeze rustle the waves, and the static noise of the water falling into the pool.

I took this at Rickett’s Glen in Pennsylvania. My best friend took me there and it was a wonderful trip. She knows me well – each time I popped out my tripod, she sat on a rock and pulled out a book. This trip was full of wonderful memories, and sometimes I wish I was back there.

South Bull Creek


I checked out South Bull Creek near Austin and found this spot. Sat here for a while, playing around with long exposures. It was a beautiful day. My favorite part- the part I most wish I’d been set up to photograph at the moment- was when a man came with his dog and was playing fetch with him, but the dog would leap off the rocks into the water, retrieve the stick, and paddle back to his owner.

On a related note, I have no idea who this girl is. She came and sat for a little bit while I was shooting. But I liked the human element and sense of scale, so hopefully if she ever sees this, she’ll be okay with her contribution to a nice picture.

The ring around the photo was an accident. I had my lens hood on and didn’t realize that it was positioned in such a way that it would block some of the frame. But as I was reviewing the pictures from that day, this was the only shot that seemed different than the rest because of that unintentional arrangement!

I also love this picture for another reason. I had been in Austin for a wedding and stopped by this trail before I went home. It was a beautiful end to a wonderful weekend where I had reunited with many of my good friends from college. This picture to me not only epitomizes a great hike, but a great weekend.

Serene Waterfall


This was taken at Ricketts Glen in Pennsylvania. It was an awesome trail dotted with waterfalls. I have the bestest best friend in the world. Each time she saw me get my tripod out, she pulled a book out of her drawstring bag, sat on a rock, and got comfortable. I took this picture by stacking my ND filters (I have a 2, 4, and 8), and using a compact travel tripod and remote shutter. I absolutely had a field day on that trail.

Man, I miss PA. It’s such a beautiful state. Sometimes I joke that the whole state is one big state park. I could have sat at this particular spot all day. It was so serene and beautiful… I can still hear the water running when I look at this picture, and hear people talking quietly up the path as I snap away.

No Place Higher

I apologize, my friends, for my absence! I had a big presentation at work that I had to give to get promoted, so the past few weeks have been prep for that. Combine that with figuring out my body/sleep issues, and voila, blogging gets neglected. But now, back to the real world! Yippee!

IMG_1160.wmI feel like camping and being out in nature. Thinking about that reminds me of this picture that I took while camping at Enchanted Rock in Texas. This is the crest of the rock which is the largest pink granite monadnock in the country. “The stars at night are big and bright deep in the heart of Texas” is absolutely true. At night, it was so clear that it seemed that you could fall upward into the sky and touch the stars. Beautiful place and great area for hiking.