Small Lizard


Clearly, it’s early and my creative juices for titles aren’t flowing 🙂

Spotted this little guy in a park near my house. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you can tell that I actually have a few great parks nearby which I enjoy visiting with my camera. This lizard’s body is about the length of a middle finger. I like the detail of his scales, the blue around his eye, even the pupil with its ring of brown. I sure was glad he posed for me as I was walking past with my zoom lens!

I wonder what he was thinking as he saw me walking by, and fixed me with his reptile eye?

Hanging Home


Found this little guy hang out in the bulbs of a tree in a park near my house. He was very small, smaller than my thumbnail. I got this picture using a macro lens, which created some aberration/distortion but which also lent the picture an interesting, almost surreal effect.

I like how peaceful this creature was, tucked into the plant. Even dangling in the air, he had made a home. Don’t forget to look at the small things today- you never know what beauty and peace rests in the things you walk past.

Abstract Budding Flower


I’m actually rather proud of this. It’s completely different from any picture I’ve ever taken, and used a completely different technique. I like the fact that it’s not in focus. It’s so soft and the colors are very vibrant. I got this picture using a macro filter at a park near my house. Only minor adjustments to contrast have been made, otherwise this picture is as-taken.

Mirror, Mirror

IMG_0176_mod2.jpgThis picture is so simple, but I really like it. There’s so much texture, and I like the symmetry of color and lines. This was at a nature center near my house in Texas, near a pond that had perfectly still water that day. I liked the way the green grass stood against the gray trees, and thought the reflection would make for a nice shot. Amazing how much beauty there can be in something as simple as a row of grass.

Square Buds


I have no idea what kind of flower this is! Spotted it on a walk at a park. These fuzzy squares are all individual buds. I found it interesting, since I’d never seen a flower that had square buds like this before.

White & Purple


I realized that I’ve had a trend in my posts lately… how such small things can hold so much beauty. I spotted these in a park near my house, such small and delicate flowers. Guess you never know what beauty you may be walking past in your own backyard! Shot this with a macro filter.

Pink Beauty

IMG_2219_wm Wow! It’s been way too long since I’ve updated any of my blogs! I actually have been writing quite a bit, but I’ve been focusing more on my fiction novel and novelette than my blogs. Sorry to make you wait so long for updates! I have returned to the blogging world at last!

I realized I had a bunch of pictures on my laptop that I hadn’t sifted through yet, so I’ve got a bucketload of pictures that need to go up on here. I had a couple of trips to Pennsylvania, Galveston, and parks around my house here in Texas, so stay tuned for more pictures of flowers, woods, and waterfalls.

This is a picture I took while taking a set of macro filters out on a test run, at a park not far from my house in Texas. I didn’t even know these existed a few months ago. Apparently they’re a budget-friendly alternative to macro lenses (according to the internet… but it looks like macro lenses don’t cost that much either). I really liked these filters. They enable me to get much closer to the subject, and the limited range of focus provides a very interesting effect. Actually, the first time I viewed this picture, it was a minute before I realized there was an ant on the petal.

Sunset by the Dock

IMG_9772.wmHuh, I had this one uploaded, but I guess it somehow never got posted…?

Sunset at a lake near my house. There’s a nice park behind me, complete with baseball diamonds, a small museum, a playground, soccer field, the whole nine yards. There are some jogging paths around the park, one of which goes past this little picturesque spot. So peaceful, and a beautiful night. Got a little chilly, though. As the sun slipped past the horizon, I shivered and put on my jacket- something I don’t have to do often here in TX.

Baby Turtle!


This little guy was so stinkin’ cute! He was literally about the size of a half dollar, maybe even smaller. I spotted him at a park last weekend and thankfully stopped just before I scared him away. I saw him twitch but he stayed in place, and I was able to get this by kneeling low with my kit zoom lens.

Getting Some Sun


If you look closely, there’s a second turtle in the picture, on the log in the background (top third of the picture). Do you see it?

I took this shot at a park in downtown Houston. Nice arboretum with lots of trails that the public can enjoy for free. I feel like it’s quite a gem to find in a city, but it’s also strange that you are surrounded by nature and can hear cars. Oh well, it’s as best of a getaway as you can get in a city, in my opinion.

I don’t take many shots of turtles, but I like this one. The black and white makes it feel rustic, out in the wild, timeless. It also brings out texture. I also like the layout with the foreground, midground and background.