Pennsylvania Waterfall

IMG_5372_wm.JPGNice quiet spot to escape. Do you wish you were sitting on a rock here, with a camera, or a book? Just sitting in the shade of the tall trees, listening to the gentle breeze rustle the waves, and the static noise of the water falling into the pool.

I took this at Rickett’s Glen in Pennsylvania. My best friend took me there and it was a wonderful trip. She knows me well – each time I popped out my tripod, she sat on a rock and pulled out a book. This trip was full of wonderful memories, and sometimes I wish I was back there.

Serene Waterfall


This was taken at Ricketts Glen in Pennsylvania. It was an awesome trail dotted with waterfalls. I have the bestest best friend in the world. Each time she saw me get my tripod out, she pulled a book out of her drawstring bag, sat on a rock, and got comfortable. I took this picture by stacking my ND filters (I have a 2, 4, and 8), and using a compact travel tripod and remote shutter. I absolutely had a field day on that trail.

Man, I miss PA. It’s such a beautiful state. Sometimes I joke that the whole state is one big state park. I could have sat at this particular spot all day. It was so serene and beautiful… I can still hear the water running when I look at this picture, and hear people talking quietly up the path as I snap away.

The Spine


It’s not actually called “The Spine,” but it always reminds me of one. This is another shot of the State College area from the sky. It’s still hard for me not to feel homesick, but I’m blessed to miss multiple homes. PA Is absolutely beautiful in every season, but fall is my favorite. All the trees turn colors, and you can see so many from your vantage point in Happy Valley… It’s also such a quiet area. You drive past a lot of nothing to get to Penn State’s campus. It’s a lot of rolling fields with farms as you pass through Happy Valley. PA provides such a peaceful landscape which may be my preferred place even with all the states I’ve already lived in.

The Long Road Home


This is a park in Pennsylvania. This is the trail leading from the lake. There are open rolling fields to the left and woods to the right. It was a beautiful, serene location and gorgeous day.

This makes me wonder what our country was like when it was first discovered. No roads, just open land… must have been really amazing. I also think of someone who’s been on a long journey who’s walking on this road with a bundle of belongings slung over their shoulder, finally heading home, or maybe wandering to their next adventure. But I also think of friendship, since my best friend was walking right beside me. Even if you have to wander far and long through the wilderness, you don’t have to be alone.

Winter Stroll by the Lake


This was a beautiful state park (Black Moshannon) in Pennsylvania that my best friend and I explored a couple months ago. It was a rare day in that it was around 40 or 50 degrees but there was still lots of snow and ice. We got to snowshoe, ice skate, and stroll across the frozen lake without freezing to death! It was a day full of many special memories.

The Winter Road

This picture epitomizes what comes to mind when I think of Pennsylvania winter.When it snows, serene silence falls over the world. Everyone slows down, because they have to. Snow clusters on tree limbs, bathing them in white, crowning them with quiet splendor.

I took this picture a couple months ago in the heart of a state park in PA. There were no other cars the entire drive and the sky was blue and beautiful. It boggles the mind to consider that there is a countless number of snowflakes in this picture, and every one is completely unique.

Penn State


This image was captured in the center of Penn State University (PSU) in the fall. You see the tree near the center of the picture? Just behind that is the HUB building, which is the main hangout building for students to grab a snack, study, take a nap, see concerts or movies, etc. This picture will soon be dated as the HUB is currently undergoing renovations for a bright, fancy entrance area. In the background on the left looms Mount Nittany, which is a great place to hike. It affords a beautiful view of Happy Valley and also used to be home to the mountain lions for which the PSU mascot is named.

This was taken from the top floor of Davey Laboratory, which houses a few nice telescopes on the roof. I wasn’t allowed on the roof at the time, but a window sufficed.

Happy Valley from the Sky


Okay, I know I’ve been oddly absent for the past few weeks, but I’ve just returned from a wonderful vacation to State College, PA. I am planning on putting up a new page for State College eventually.

Here’s a taste of the State College area from the air. Lots of pretty farmland. Yeah, Penn State University is basically in the middle of nowhere. This was taken last fall; all the pictures I’ll put up soon are snow-covered. This is why I love PA: It’s pretty no matter what time of year.

Landmarks of Happy Valley


So I put up two posts back-to-back because I realized I missed my mid-week post. Oops, shame on me.

Last semester I had a flight testing class which included a few flights in a small Piper over the State College area. I snapped this on a loop back to the University Park Airport. In this shot you can see three well-known Happy Valley landmarks. And yes, this much haziness is typical of weather in State College. (Actually, for this area, this picture has great visibility :P)

In the background, the mountain on the left is Mount Nittany, which is an awesome place to go hiking and get a beautiful view of the entire valley.

The large circular structure in the middle-left of the picture is Beaver Stadium, which is currently the second-largest college football stadium in the US with a capacity of approximately 107,000 people.

Immediately to the right of the stadium, with the oval white roof, you can see the Bryce Jordan Center (BJC). In addition to housing commencement ceremonies and athletic matches, the BJC is also home to the largest student career fair and the largest student philanthropic event in the country. Also, many well-known people have performed there, such as Bon Jovi, Taylor Swift, and Jeff Dunham, to name a few.

Another fun side note, the Penn State campus truly is in the middle of nowhere. Occasionally, if the wind blew the right way, you would be in the stadium with all of those people and then get a whiff of cows.