Black Swallowtail with Pollen

Holy cow, it is easy to blink and lots of time passes between posts! Things got crazy- I spent a week in the desert mountains of Arizona in March, so most of my time up to that point was training. Then in May I changed jobs at work, and I was originally told that change would happen in July so I had way less time to wrap everything up. That meant working more hours and being in super crunch-time, and having less bandwidth to do fun things like blog. But I’m back!

Here’s a swallowtail. I really like that we have so many around here. Have you ever stopped to look at one? Have you ever seen pollen on a butterfly’s wings or antennae?


Hanging Home


Found this little guy hang out in the bulbs of a tree in a park near my house. He was very small, smaller than my thumbnail. I got this picture using a macro lens, which created some aberration/distortion but which also lent the picture an interesting, almost surreal effect.

I like how peaceful this creature was, tucked into the plant. Even dangling in the air, he had made a home. Don’t forget to look at the small things today- you never know what beauty and peace rests in the things you walk past.

Pennsylvania Waterfall

IMG_5372_wm.JPGNice quiet spot to escape. Do you wish you were sitting on a rock here, with a camera, or a book? Just sitting in the shade of the tall trees, listening to the gentle breeze rustle the waves, and the static noise of the water falling into the pool.

I took this at Rickett’s Glen in Pennsylvania. My best friend took me there and it was a wonderful trip. She knows me well – each time I popped out my tripod, she sat on a rock and pulled out a book. This trip was full of wonderful memories, and sometimes I wish I was back there.

Macro Purple Flower


I like this little guy.  I was trying out a macro filter in a garden near my house. These are basically like a magnifying glass that you screw onto your lens. One effect of the filter is a very limited range of focus, which lent to a pretty cool effect on this shot- focused petals but unfocused center.

I’m also excited to announce that I just started my first account with a stock website so that I can start selling my photography! Super pumped since this is a goal I’ve had for a few years now. I’m still waiting for my first wave of pictures to be approved, but when they are, I’ll share the info on here.

Noble Blue Jay


I’ve been wanting a good picture of a blue jay for a while now, and I finally got one! Very happy about this. I was at the Houston Zoo when this jay hopped onto a branch right in front of me and hung out in quite the noble pose. I like how he’s gazing off to the distance in this shot. Makes you wonder what birds think about…

South Bull Creek


I checked out South Bull Creek near Austin and found this spot. Sat here for a while, playing around with long exposures. It was a beautiful day. My favorite part- the part I most wish I’d been set up to photograph at the moment- was when a man came with his dog and was playing fetch with him, but the dog would leap off the rocks into the water, retrieve the stick, and paddle back to his owner.

On a related note, I have no idea who this girl is. She came and sat for a little bit while I was shooting. But I liked the human element and sense of scale, so hopefully if she ever sees this, she’ll be okay with her contribution to a nice picture.

The ring around the photo was an accident. I had my lens hood on and didn’t realize that it was positioned in such a way that it would block some of the frame. But as I was reviewing the pictures from that day, this was the only shot that seemed different than the rest because of that unintentional arrangement!

I also love this picture for another reason. I had been in Austin for a wedding and stopped by this trail before I went home. It was a beautiful end to a wonderful weekend where I had reunited with many of my good friends from college. This picture to me not only epitomizes a great hike, but a great weekend.

Somewhere Over The…


This is my favorite shot from my trip to Bermuda last October. It was an amazing trip. I went with my best friend from college and we stayed with some extended relatives on my dad’s side. It was a truly wonderful week.

This shot was taken as we were driving along a scenic road, I believe along the south shore of the island. (I wasn’t driving) As we went along, we’d occasionally pull over into little scenic overlook spots along the side of the road. At one point I glanced behind us and saw this beautiful rainbow that had developed over the water. You could even see that it appeared to border rain. With the flora and fauna and vibrant blues of the water and sky (there were no filters on the picture, this is as it appeared to my eye), the appearance of a rainbow was better than anything I could have asked for photographically the entire week. Icing on the cake!

Hello, Dragonfly


I am posting this one not so much for its artistic ability but simply because it’s a funny story!

I was at a park with my mom. We had stopped at a bench to rest for a few minutes, and I sat with my legs crossed, and this little guy came and landed on my toes.

To be abundantly clear… this is not a shoe resting on the ground or on a table, I’m wearing it and am sitting on a bench!

And of course, me, being a photographer, wanted to get the shot… but I had my 55-250 lens on my camera, and I couldn’t get to my wider lens without moving my foot and/or scaring the dragonfly away. So I had to hold the camera way up above my head, arching my back, zoomed as wide as I can, trying to get the shot. And it looks like I got it, so I was really happy after going through all that “intense” effort! 🙂

Negative Space

This photo is actually from a photo shoot a while back, but I really like how this picture uses negative space. It was a beautiful day. This was taken looking back along the beach instead of out at the water; there was a bit of a haze hanging low over the ground. This picture has no filters and was shot in black and white, not converted.


Mirror, Mirror

IMG_0176_mod2.jpgThis picture is so simple, but I really like it. There’s so much texture, and I like the symmetry of color and lines. This was at a nature center near my house in Texas, near a pond that had perfectly still water that day. I liked the way the green grass stood against the gray trees, and thought the reflection would make for a nice shot. Amazing how much beauty there can be in something as simple as a row of grass.