Black Swallowtail with Pollen

Holy cow, it is easy to blink and lots of time passes between posts! Things got crazy- I spent a week in the desert mountains of Arizona in March, so most of my time up to that point was training. Then in May I changed jobs at work, and I was originally told that change would happen in July so I had way less time to wrap everything up. That meant working more hours and being in super crunch-time, and having less bandwidth to do fun things like blog. But I’m back!

Here’s a swallowtail. I really like that we have so many around here. Have you ever stopped to look at one? Have you ever seen pollen on a butterfly’s wings or antennae?


Abstract Budding Flower


I’m actually rather proud of this. It’s completely different from any picture I’ve ever taken, and used a completely different technique. I like the fact that it’s not in focus. It’s so soft and the colors are very vibrant. I got this picture using a macro filter at a park near my house. Only minor adjustments to contrast have been made, otherwise this picture is as-taken.

Golden Descent


When’s the last time you looked at the sunset?

When’s the last time you paused and realized how beautiful it was?

We are given an incredible gift every day… a unique sunrise, and sunset. You will see neither ever again.

It was unique to your area, your skies, your cloud conditions. As a Christian, I see a sunset or sunrise and am amazed that God could hand-craft each one to be unique. He is much more the artist than I could ever be.

Stop, look, appreciate… this opportunity will never come to you again.