Pennsylvania Waterfall

IMG_5372_wm.JPGNice quiet spot to escape. Do you wish you were sitting on a rock here, with a camera, or a book? Just sitting in the shade of the tall trees, listening to the gentle breeze rustle the waves, and the static noise of the water falling into the pool.

I took this at Rickett’s Glen in Pennsylvania. My best friend took me there and it was a wonderful trip. She knows me well – each time I popped out my tripod, she sat on a rock and pulled out a book. This trip was full of wonderful memories, and sometimes I wish I was back there.

Serene Waterfall


This was taken at Ricketts Glen in Pennsylvania. It was an awesome trail dotted with waterfalls. I have the bestest best friend in the world. Each time she saw me get my tripod out, she pulled a book out of her drawstring bag, sat on a rock, and got comfortable. I took this picture by stacking my ND filters (I have a 2, 4, and 8), and using a compact travel tripod and remote shutter. I absolutely had a field day on that trail.

Man, I miss PA. It’s such a beautiful state. Sometimes I joke that the whole state is one big state park. I could have sat at this particular spot all day. It was so serene and beautiful… I can still hear the water running when I look at this picture, and hear people talking quietly up the path as I snap away.