Small Lizard


Clearly, it’s early and my creative juices for titles aren’t flowing 🙂

Spotted this little guy in a park near my house. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you can tell that I actually have a few great parks nearby which I enjoy visiting with my camera. This lizard’s body is about the length of a middle finger. I like the detail of his scales, the blue around his eye, even the pupil with its ring of brown. I sure was glad he posed for me as I was walking past with my zoom lens!

I wonder what he was thinking as he saw me walking by, and fixed me with his reptile eye?

Hanging Home


Found this little guy hang out in the bulbs of a tree in a park near my house. He was very small, smaller than my thumbnail. I got this picture using a macro lens, which created some aberration/distortion but which also lent the picture an interesting, almost surreal effect.

I like how peaceful this creature was, tucked into the plant. Even dangling in the air, he had made a home. Don’t forget to look at the small things today- you never know what beauty and peace rests in the things you walk past.

Macro Purple Flower


I like this little guy.  I was trying out a macro filter in a garden near my house. These are basically like a magnifying glass that you screw onto your lens. One effect of the filter is a very limited range of focus, which lent to a pretty cool effect on this shot- focused petals but unfocused center.

I’m also excited to announce that I just started my first account with a stock website so that I can start selling my photography! Super pumped since this is a goal I’ve had for a few years now. I’m still waiting for my first wave of pictures to be approved, but when they are, I’ll share the info on here.

White & Purple


I realized that I’ve had a trend in my posts lately… how such small things can hold so much beauty. I spotted these in a park near my house, such small and delicate flowers. Guess you never know what beauty you may be walking past in your own backyard! Shot this with a macro filter.